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Tekken 8 brings the fight to PC in Unreal Engine 5


Tekken 8 is happening, and it’s running in Unreal Engine 5. The fighting legend was revealed during yesterday’s Sony State Of Play livestream. Bandai Namco haven’t given a release window for the game yet, but PC is a confirmed platform alongside current-gen consoles. Take a look at the real-time rendered trailer below and brace yourself for a hefty dose of the punchings.

They say they’re aiming to be “immersive” with Tekken 8, which continues the story following Heihachi Mishima’s defeat. This time around it’s dads against lads, with Jin Kazama facing down the dastardly Kazuya Mishima. He’s angling after world domination, see. Not sure that’s achievable just by punching things very hard, but okay.

There aren’t too many more details about Tekken 8 to go on yet. Bandai Namco say they’re working on “groundbreaking new features” but aren’t giving those away. What they do say is that these are linked to the new engine, which apparently pushes “the feeling of power in battles continuously further”. You can expect to see more of Tekken 8’s characters, story and new features soon though.

Tekken 8 is coming to Steam on PC, as well as consoles at a future date of Bandai Namco’s choosing. They just haven’t shared when yet.

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