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SteamVR 2.0 is out and improves the storefront's UI for headsets

Over the past year or so, Valve has been progressively updating the Steam interface, aiming to unify its various formats, including the portable Steam Deck and the Big Picture mode for television. Now, they’ve turned their attention to virtual reality with the introduction of SteamVR 2.0.

SteamVR 2.0 incorporates “most of the current features of Steam and Steam Deck”. It brings an enhanced keyboard with additional languages and emojis, along with integrated Steam Chat and Voice Chat, and an improved store interface that prominently features VR games.

The launch announcement also states that this update enables the addition of new Steam features in the future more swiftly and with greater frequency. A comprehensive list of release notes is included in the post, detailing changes affecting Meta headset users and Linux players.

As someone who uses my Valve Index occasionally to explore games or casually browse the Steam interface, I welcome these updates. There have been times when I’ve used the Steam store in VR and questioned why it didn’t highlight VR games more. Unfortunately, I don’t see any fixes for the several bugs I regularly come across listed in the update.

However, I still find the Steam interface on any platform to be less than ideal. For instance, why is “News” located under the “Store” menu, while “Market” is found under “Community”? Why does every game store page feature a “Live” pre-recorded video that’s been looping for years? Why has the Steam Curators section been neglected, becoming a haven for those chasing game keys? And why does nearly every option in the desktop client’s dropdown menus end with an ellipsis…?

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