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Phasmophobia update adds a “mysterious copycat” and undead Santa Claus

The Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions v0.5.0 update has now launched and alongside the titular items, the patch brings with it a new “elusive, mysterious, copycat ghost” – and a far more seasonal surprise. Be good for goodness sake, because Santa Claus has come to town.

Phasmophobia has been teasing its new Christmas update for a while now, with talk of Summoning Circles and even Tarot cards. The full Cursed Possessions update is out now, which brings Phasmophobia up to version 0.5.0 and adds five of these sanity-draining items that can help or hinder the player – including a Music Box that ghosts sing to, a Haunted Mirror, and a Tortured Voodoo Doll.

In a surprising move, Kinetic Games has also added a tricky new ghost-type called The Mimic, which the journal describes as an “elusive, mysterious, copycat ghost”. It mirrors the traits of other spirits and other than Ghost Orbs there is no easy way to identify it – using the evidence provided it’s more a matter of working out what it’s not, which is extra hard with the new Nightmare difficulty.

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