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Horizon Zero Dawn 1.11 update adds Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR to help boost fps

Despite releasing over a year ago on PC, developer Guerilla has released a brand-new update for Horizon Zero Dawn. While this patch brings various performance improvements that will benefit all gaming PCs, the biggest additions are undoubtedly Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR upscaling technologies.

Despite the fact that the game uses checkboard rendering on the PS4 Pro to push resolution up to 4K on the console, the same tech didn’t make its way over to the PC version. However, everyone will now be able to boost fps in Horizon Zero Dawn with AMD FSR upscaling, regardless of what brand of GPU you’re using.

Unfortunately, you’ll need one of Nvidia’s best graphics cards to use the company’s DLSS technology (sorry GTX 10 series owners). However, if you have a compatible card, you should enjoy a solid fps boost, while also maintaining higher visual fidelity.

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