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Peggle goes roguelike in Peglin


Combine the peg-pinging action of Peggle with the roguelikelike dungeon crawling of Slay The Spire and you get Peglin, a delightful game which launched into early access on Monday. Off your cute wee peglin goes on an adventure, battling baddies and claiming treasures, but damage is dealt by pling-plonging orbs down Peggle/pachinko boards and you have a bag of different orbs instead of cards. I like it, and it has a demo you can try for yourself.

So, Pegglefights. In battle, damage you deal is determined by how many pegs and tiles you hit as you pling an orb down the pachinko board. Scattered across the board are a few crit pegs (which boost your damage), bomb pegs (which explode and damage to all foes after taking two hits) and refresh pegs (refilling the board). Enemies move towards you across the battlefield each turn, with some needing to get into melee range, and some bosses doing terrible things to you up close. Then it gets complicated as you gather relics and new types of orb along your adventure through the Spire-style branching maps.

Peglin is available in early access from Steam for Windows and Mac. It currently has a 10% launch discount. The demo is up on that Steam page, offering the opening chapter.

The devs expect to launch Peglin in full after a year or so of early access. Along with more content, their plans include a meta-progression system, ‘Cruciball’ difficulty ranks (like Ascension in Slay The Spire or Convenant in Monster Train), seeded runs, and more.

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