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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak reveals two more new monsters coming in tomorrow's free update


More monsters and expanded Anomaly Quests are coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tomorrow, August 10th, in the free version 11 update.

Today the developers at Capcom revealed two additional monsters that will be released in version 11, the Silver Rathalos and the Gold Rathian. Both have new moves from their previous appearances in the series, and can enter a dangerous “Incandescent” state – so you’ll need to be master rank 10 to go out a-huntin’ for ’em.

They had previously also announced the sometimes-invisible Lucent Nargacuga and the constantly-exploding Seething Bazelgeuse. The new monsters will drop also new parts which can be used to make new armor with new skills. A cascade of newness!

Alongside the new beasties, the developers revealed expansions coming to the Anomaly Quests which were already added to Monster Hunter Rise in the Sunbreak expansion. The additions to Anomaly Quests include A5 star ranked battles, new afflicted monsters, and Anomaly Investigations – randomized fights that reward special materials for upgrades, which become more difficult at higher levels.

An additional kind of crafting, known as Qurious Crafting, will use materials earned in Anomaly Investigations for adding upgrades to your equipment. There’ll also be a new storefront called the Anomaly research lab for exchanging items gathered in these quests for more Qurious crafting materials.

For even more quests, weekly event quests begin on August 18th. One example was the Dual Threat quest, requiring players to fight two monsters at once.

While the content in the update will be free, Capcom did also reveal additional paid DLC, including cosmetics that allow you to essentially cosplay NPCs from the game, trying on their clothes and even their voices.

Tomorrow’s update is Title Update 1, with a second and third planned in the autumn and winter respectively. A full post-release roadmap can be found on the Monster Hunter website.

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