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Konami's multiplayer mystery game Crimesight releases this April


Konami announced yesterday at the Future Games Show that Crimesight will be coming out April 14th. It looks like a combination of Cluedo, Sherlock Holmes, and what I think are evil artificial intelligence anime spirits. Crimesight only allows up to four players, but you’ll be exploring a snowed-in cottage as you try to either work out who the murderer is, or help them win. You can take a look at the trailer below.

Okay, so, there is a story, but buckle up, because it’s gonna take you on a journey. Crimesight is set in London in the year 2075, where an AI called Foresight AI has been developed to predict future crimes based on data it collects. It’s very successful, and crime has gone down worldwide by 90%. The AI then predicts an unavoidable incident that could destroy the whole world, so Foresight AI’s developers make another AI to prevent it from happening, and they call it Sherlock. Turns out there’s also a rival AI Moriarty that’s behind everything. Oh, and they’re both hot now!

Playing the game itself is equally complex, as Crimesight is based around three special unplayable characters: Sherlock, Moriarty and Irene, all of whom are AI. Sherlock’s out to prevent murders, whereas the other two would like nothing more. Every match fills the game with standard avatars who roam the snowy cottage as well, which is where the players come in. One avatar gets assigned as the “target,” and another as the “villain.” Everybody gets benign tasks to keep them occupied and every few rounds there’s a couple of surprise twists thrown in. So it’s like Among Us, only with Sherlock Holmes but if Sherlock Holmes was a computer, which is what I’ve always said it was lacking.

Crimesight launches on Steam April 14th. There is a free weekend April 9-10, but you’ll have to sign up on their site for a chance to get in.

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