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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Fatesworn Review

Like most fans of the original, I’m under the impression that more Kingdoms of Amalur is a good thing. KoA:Reckoning was a favorite of mine, and I clocked in a good chunk of time before its re-release. With the introduction of Fatesworn and the possibility of a sequel on the horizon, revisiting the Faelands has never been more exciting.

For better or worse, what we get with this DLC is more of the same. Reckoning’s somewhat outdated gameplay and mechanics weren’t done any favors with Re-Reckoning’s release and Fatesworn doesn’t change that. The new zone of Mithros is gorgeous, and although the graphics overall are a bit dated the exaggerated fantasy aesthetic does itself a favor and has aged well.

This DLC tasks us with stopping Amalur’s newest threat Telogrus and his newly arisen army. Unfortunately, most of this involves unimaginative fetch quests. Old voice actors were brought back to bring back life to the series, but don’t make as many appearances as I would have hoped for. New mechanics are mostly annoying or forgettable. New armor and weapons don’t stand out and make me wish for a still absent transmogriphication system. This would have been a great opportunity to introduce mounts or any kind of an improved travel system, but we see no major overhauls here or anywhere else. Even more frustrating, bugs introduced in Re-Reckoning are still present.

The big draw for me is the new level cap. The game itself was always a pleasure to roam through, and its playstyle always felt similar to that of an MMO. The increased level cap of 50 introduces many new build combinations that breathe new life into the game. Combat in Reckoning was a big draw for me, and although the chaos mechanic feels like a step backward its still a pleasure to waste time in.

Fatesworn’s story is palatable if not a bit short, and the new gameplay dynamics feel like features Re-Reckoning could have included pre-DLC. However, being given a reason to return is all I needed to enjoy some time here again. I would recommend Fatesworn to fans of the original looking for an excuse to revisit and old favorite. For newcomers to the series, you’d do just as well sticking to base game and waiting for a good discount.

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