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Halo Infinite bosses guide

Want to know about every boss in Halo Infinite? Zeta Halo is full of powerful enemies who desperately want to take down Master Chief – fortunately, there are plenty of weapons and explosive tanks to stop any foe in their tracks. If you thought the grunt enemies in Halo Infinite were tough, these destructive bosses should give you a run for your money.

Halo Infinite’s campaign forces you to fight against a set number of bosses, however, there are high value targets spread across the map which you can seek out at any time. These mini-boss targets are side missions and don’t progress the story, but you can unlock unique weapon variants to spawn at any of your bases.

Unsurprisingly, this guide contains major spoilers for Halo Infinite. If you’re using this guide to work out how long you have left in the game, you may want to read our how long is Halo Infinite guide which breaks down the length of the campaign. Here’s every Halo Infinite boss and what you need to defeat them.

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