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Glyph Review

Admittedly, platformers are not typically something I enjoy to the same level as something like technical action games, racing or metroidvania, but Glyph has me changing my mind on that; this title is nothing short of absolutely fantastic. Your character is a scarab type creature that is caught up in a world gone awry. The sand has for all intents and purposes become toxic and will kill you on contact acting as the danger zone for the platforming.

Despite the sand being equal to lava, don’t sweat it. Glyph’s controls are clearly a product of love from the developers because they are tight, tight, tight. With every move of Glyph, which is the main character’s name, everything has a beautifully Incorporated sense of weight. From each flick of the stick, to soaring through the skies across the map off of some serious air, every move feels super crisp. The learning curve to gain control over your little scarab buddy should only take maybe about 5 minutes and then you’re good.

This title is not simply a go from point A to point B game either. The levels have a common theme of collecting coins to open up new levels to also gathering harder to get artifacts, which also act as a currency for opening new levels. To open the level exit, you will have to find and gather varied amounts of keys scattered across the map and make it to the exit alive. A few levels are thrown in the mix that really change things up on you and act as a race against time to meet preset benchmark times. If you meet the gold, you unlock some goodies.

Unlockables not only exist in the special stages, but each map has it’s own unlockable varying from a new skin to a new trail effect that follows Glyph. To find these rewards, you have to cover the map from top to bottom in efforts to find a hidden button, which unlocks a new and difficult path to the reward and of course, make it back to the exit.

Graciously, the developers added a difficulty rating on each map before you enter, so you know what you’re getting into. Thanks for that!

Fantastically, this game is not one that has a massive graphical requirement, so there should be a good range of PCs that could handle this game. No top multi-thousand dollar computers required here folks, so a large audience could play and appreciate this beauty. Don’t let that scare you into thinking this game is ugly though. Glyph has a really great art direction and is very pretty in its own way, which has a cartoon-ish effect but not overly so.

As a slight fan of platformers, I have beyond enjoyed playing Glyph. There are no doubts in my mind that casual to hardcore gamers alike could find tons of fun with this title. This game is one to not pass up on, because you will be missing out.

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