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Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora gets delayed, missing next Avatar film


Ubisoft has slipped the delay of upcoming first-person action adventure Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora into their first quarter sales report. The game has been pushed back to fiscal year 2023-2024 release window, so it would launch after March 31st 2023 at the earliest. If you’re sad about the news then just watch the announcement trailer below a few times to keep the tears at bay.

On the delay, announced in their latest earnings report, Ubisoft said they’re “committed to delivering a cutting-edge immersive experience that takes full advantage of next-gen technology, as this amazing global entertainment brand represents a major multi-year opportunity”. The publisher credited the delay to the “ongoing constraints on productions across the industry”, adding that developers Massive Entertainment were working to put in place “the most efficient working conditions to ensure both flexibility for our teams as well as strong productivity”.

Ubisoft revealed Frontiers Of Pandora at E3 2021 with a cinematic trailer that did all the Avatar stuff you’d hope to see, like riding around on the back of giant alien monsters and firing bows at mechs. We also got a closer look at some of the graphical wizardry involved in producing the game not long afterwards. Frontiers of Pandora was originally penciled in to launch sometime in 2022, most likely later this year to coincide with the release of Avatar: The Way Of Water in cinemas this December. There definitely won’t be any cross-media synergizing now thanks to the delay.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora should be out sometime in 2023 or 2024. I’m betting it’ll be 2024, which is when the third Avatar movie is expected to swoop into theatres, bow in hand.

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