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WW1 Verdun and Tannenberg devs have been bought by Focus Entertainment


Focus Entertainment have paid an undisclosed amount to acquire historical shooter devs WW1 Game Series, known for Verdun, Tannenberg and the upcoming Isonzo, from M2H. Set on the Italian Front, Isonzo actually happens to be out tomorrow too. Have a peek at the game, replete with many moustaches, in the trailer below.

Jos Hoebe, founder and creative director of WW1 Game Series, will retain a 33.33% stake in the company. He’ll continue to run the studio, which will now go by BlackMill Games instead. BlackMill announced the deal on their Twitter account today. The Netherlands-based developer is the sixth studio acquired by Focus Entertainment, and Hoebe said he hoped his small team of 15 would benefit from Focus’ track record with the FPS genre.

“I’m proud and excited for the upcoming launch of Isonzo, and by teaming up with Focus Entertainment, which is a larger and more experienced partner, and will help the series to reach its full potential” Hoebe said. “The fans of our games can expect the same dedication and passion that we have delivered the past ten years with Verdun and Tannenberg but elevated to new heights with Isonzo and this partnership.”

Isonzo takes place on the Italian front, pitting the Austro-Hungarian Empire against Italy’s forces. The game is similar to BlackMill’s earlier Verdun and Tannenberg military shooters but introduces a new Offensive mode with multi-map battles.

Isonzo is out on Steam September 13th.

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