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SWTOR Legacy of the Sith release date and everything we know

Star Wars: The Old Republic is approaching its tenth anniversary, and Bioware has recently released several remastered launch trailers to celebrate the occasion. New and returning players will have plenty of new content to enjoy, as Bioware officially announces the release date for the upcoming Legacy of the Sith expansion – the first new SWTOR expansion since 2019’s Onslaught.

In a reveal livestream, Bioware unveiled more details about the next chapter of the SWTOR storyline. Legacy of the Sith takes players back to the ocean planet of Manaan, home of the Selkath species, and the only source of kolto – a powerful healing fluid.

The Legacy of the Sith update also includes a new flashpoint, new characters, and increases the level cap to 80. If you don’t have a high level character to play through the expansion with, you can purchase a token that will take you to the start of the previous expansion, Onslaught. The update also splits the traditional class system into ‘origin stories’ and ‘combat styles’, introducing more flexibility for players to customise their playstyle. Here’s everything you need to know about Legacy of the Sith.

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