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Steam Lunar New Year Sale is now on, with discounts galore again


Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale started last night, a huge sidewide discount-o-rama with tens of thousands of games and things going cheap. If you forgot to buy something in Steam’s last huge sidewide discount-o-rama a whole three weeks ago, or have received a new paycheque since then, hey! It’s a big sale! Again! Splendid!

You could also scroll through the WTG Steam Curator to easily see which games we’ve reviewed are on sale.

Valve are also giving away Lunar New Year-themed animated stickers to use in Steam Chat. We’re entering the Year of the Tiger, so they’re cute tigers. Every day (ending at 6pm GMT), you can hit the Steam Points Shop to claim one free. Seven stickers in total, so you’ll need to visit every day for them all. The art Valve are using for the sale is by Camelia Pham, with animation by Chu-Chieh Lee.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale will end on Thursday the 3rd of February at 6pm GMT (10am Pacific).

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