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Spin the World Review

When I began playing Spin the World, my hopes for having a really great experience were high. Unfortunately, after investing a little time in the game, I can say that I did not enjoy the experience. This title, in its current state, feel a lot to me like an alpha stage game, with some potential, but a ton of extra work to be done.

Firstly, the gameplay is on the forefront of what this title is about. You jump into the game with control of a mystery character, with a mystery purpose but they are holding a gun. Great! As you would, you proceed forward and start shooting things. This is when the game really goes down unfortunately. As I progressed, I kept running into a reoccurring bug where the enemies kept getting stuck in the walls. This problem does not have much effect on the game due to there being no loot, score or any real reason to kill something besides it is in your way. What this does for me, however, is makes any success feel empty due to getting by only because I didn’t have to fight for it. Unsatisfying…

Gameplay suffers also because the shooting, which is the front, center and only real mechanic to enjoy, has a RNG spray to the gunfire. Spray in normal in shooters, but in this game, without ammo you can not hardly acquire more ammo due to needing ammo to shoot open ammo boxes. Also, if you have no ammo, there is no alternative to killing and surviving, due to having absolutely no way to dodge or have any sort of defensive approach to getting by.

Even when everything is going right, the game has no soul because all the enemies are exactly the same. Enemies in Spin the World are just sliding tiles at varies sizes and speeds. One enemy I ran into that was very obnoxious to deal with was a very tiny green slime. Due to the RNG spray, it was nearly impossible to hit at distance, but insanely dangerous to approach up close due to it having pinpoint accuracy on a projectile it can shoot.

The only quality I feel this game has in it’s current state is some of the backgrounds look nice. That is about as far as the good goes though. I hate being so critical, but this was not enjoyable at all, and I cannot think of any audience this game would be for.

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