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Reach the Summit Review

Folks, be sure to pack a will made of iron. Reach the Summit is a title that falls into the category of pixel perfect platformers. You will die in this game. Boy is this game ruthless. The developers really weren’t playing when they crafted this beautiful torture machine. For any of you who seem to have gaming oriented masochistic tendencies, like myself, you’ll have fun.

Upon entering the base of the summit, I found the controls a bit odd, but I quickly was able to adjust to them. In terms of complexity, this game is not bad at all. You basically run, jump and slide on walls to inch your way to victory. As mechanically simple as Reach the Summit is, it is very important in a game like this for the responsiveness to be spot on, which the developers managed to do very well. When I found myself planted on a spike, there were never times where I felt it was the game’s fault for being poorly crafted, but instead it was myself that needed to make a ever to slight adjustment in my controlling.

As for visuals and sound effects, you’ll get what feels a lot like an old school SNES/NES title for the most part. It isn’t visually stunning, but it really doesn’t need to be, because at the end of the day, is it fun? I would have to answer with a pretty solid “yes.” Frustratingly fun.

Ultimately, I feel like Reach the Summit is a fun game. With that said, keep in mind, I don’t know if this is a title that you’re going to want to sit and play for hours because it can become very frustrating due to the nature of these games. With the frustration element said, these are some of the most rewarding games you can play. Once you overcome the odds, you will feel like you really did something great.

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