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Halo Infinite collectibles guide

Want to know where the Halo Infinite collectibles are? There are plenty of hidden items waiting for you to discover them throughout Halo Infinite’s missions and open world map. Some item locations will appear on your map whenever you take over FOBs in each region, but many other Halo Infinite collectibles are a little more elusive. To make things even trickier, it’s possible to miss some of these items completely because you can’t replay missions.

To help you complete your collection, we have detailed location guides for the Halo Infinite skulls, the Mjolnir armoury lockers that contain Halo Infinite multiplayer skins, and the Halo Infinite Spartan Cores that upgrade your abilities.

Below, we have a checklist of all Halo Infinite collectibles in the game, sorted by both missions and regions to help you narrow your search. We also have the Forerunner artifacts’ locations – these are a little harder to find than the rest of the audio logs as they don’t appear when you take over FOBs.

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