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Gangs of Sherwood, aka Robin Hood filtered through Warhammer’s grimdark lens, has been delayed almost a month


Gangs of Sherwood, the co-op PvE game inspired by the English folk hero but set in a gritty neo-medieval future closer to the grimdark world of Warhammer, has seen its release date pushed back by almost a month.

Gangs of Sherwood first stalked out of the shadows last summer, unveiling a distinctly different take on the classic story of the heroic outlaw stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Gone were the verdant forests of Sherwood and singing Merry Men, replaced by belching smoke, neon-tipped bows, armoured Dark Soulsian monstrosities and big glowing power fists. To put it another way: what Lies of P is to Pinocchio, Gangs of Sherwood is to Robin Hood.

Players got a taste of co-op game’s third-person melee combat and multiplayer boss battles earlier this month thanks to a demo released during Steam’s latest Next Fest, letting them try out the game’s sixth mission as any of the game’s four characters – Robin Hood, Marian, Friar Tuck or Little John – and get a feel for its combo-based attacks and abilities.

Just a week before Gangs of Sherwood’s planned release on November 2nd, developers Appeal Studios announced that they would be pushing back the game’s launch by four weeks, citing “abundant feedback” gathered from players during that Next Fest demo.

The team has a message for you

— Gangs of Sherwood (@GangsofSherwood) October 26, 2023

“This additional time will be used to fine-tune certain aspects and incorporate some improvements requested by the community, giving Robin and his merry men the chance to step up their preparations for their confrontation with the armies of the Sheriff of Nottingham,” the devs said.

Gangs of Sherwood will now release for Steam – on November 30th.

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