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GameGuru Max Early Access – still the easiest game engine?

GameGuru Max is out on Steam Early Access, if you are familiar with the previous GameGuru engine you’d know instantly that it’s not trying compete with Unreal Engine 5 or the new yet to be released Unity. Instead, it’s going for a easy approach to game development which will make it more accessible to casual game developers. We will be keeping an eye on it’s progress through early access.

What is GameGuru MAX?

GameGuru MAX is a 3D game-maker that makes the creation of your game simple, quick and easy –
no coding required!
GameGuru MAX provides the tools and assets so you can start making your dream game in minutes!
Dream it ∙ Build it ∙ Play it
The Early Access version of GameGuru MAX has FPS, and RPG and Puzzle genres will follow shortly,
as will VR and Multiplayer.

Early Access release:

GameGuru MAX has many features that need time to bed down and be polished to a high level –
hence the Early Access release. We also want to ensure that GameGuru MAX works well across a
range of PC setups. Early Access allows us the time we need to fine-tune all the features before we
decide to release the product and, of course means there are many, more great features still to


  • Storyboard Editor – Manage your development with the easy to use storyboard editor – link menu and levels though the intuitive drag and drop system
  • Terrain Generator – Quickly create terrains for your levels with the advanced procedural terrain feature
  • Level Editor – Create vast levels, using the intuitive, easy to learn level editor
  • Character Creator – Design your own unique characters with the Character Creator and add them to your games
  • Game Object Library -Quickly access previously used game objects, or create object groups from the Object Library
  • Enemy and Ally AI – Easily add Enemies and Allies with a library of pre-coded behaviours or create more complex AI’s with the flag system
  • Visual Logic System – The advanced Visual Logic System allows you to rapidly associate objects, creating a vast range of complex interactions in seconds
  • Environmental Effects – Add rain, snow or fog at the click of a button
  • Model Importer – Easily make your own models GameGuru MAX-ready with the built-in Model Importer
  • Tutorials – Help is just a click away with the in-built tutorial system
  • Game Demos – GameGuru MAX includes several game demos for you to play or edit, showcasing game-play, development techniques and more!
  • Test Play – Test your game in seconds at any point
  • 1200+ models/assets – GameGuru Max includes more than 1200 game ready assets to kick-start your development

Check out GameGuru MAX on Steam!

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