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Forspoken's latest trailer goes deep on its magical parkour moves


Square Enix have given us another look at Forspoken, the open world action RPG slated for release on January 24th 2023. The latest deep dive trailer details the game’s magical parkour abilities that you’ll be using to get across the fantasy realm of Athia. Forspoken’s flashy, stamina-based movement is by far the most distinctive thing about it in my eyes, so let’s take a look at Frey’s parkour abilities below.

The trailer shows off all the basic moves Frey can use. The first of these is Flow, which automatically propels you forward at high speeds. There’s a stamina-restoring ability called Rush that gives Frey some awesome flaming legs. Then there’s Shimmy, which allows you to zip off surfaces at high speeds, jumping across rooftops in the trailer.

That’s just the surface, though. The new trailer revealed some seriously impressive abilities at Frey’s disposal, including my favourite, Glide. This one summons the sweetest surfboard you’ll ever see, made of ice and able to skim across the water. Float calls upon a bed of water to break your fall from extreme heights, Zip is essentially a grapple that allows you to reach previously inaccessible areas, while Soar lets you climb up any surface. Finally, there’s Scale, a phantom double-jump that can be used in combat to jump on and over big beasts.

The trailer also mentions the existence of Spellcraft Challenges which let you hone these various abilities. Completing these challenges will let you upgrade particular skills by reducing stamina costs and decreasing the cast time – allowing you to chain these skills in quick succession.

Forspoken fell victim to two delays before landing a release date of January 24th 2023 on Steam. It was most recently in the news when some obnoxious, Joss Whedon-style dialogue made its way into a clip. Apart from that, all of the game’s trailers have been big and fiery enough to get me excited.

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