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Firefighting Simulator : The Squad Review

Firefighting Simulator : The Squad on the surface looks attractive but a few missions in you realize there isn’t much variance to the game let alone any deep simulator experience. This game is as deep as a puddle sadly, and truly could be more but sadly as you can see by looking at other reviews and discussions, the devs haven’t updated the game in over a year.

The game is not horrible but its pretty weak, the fighting of fires just feels like a quick time event and gets old pretty quick. The game doesn’t even have animations for getting things off the truck. Interactions with stuff on the truck are awkward and clunky, and the tracing of the hose is also excessive. 

This game feels like a stagnant early access game that never fulfilled their roadmap. The map is pretty static other than driving cars. People other than rescued people and firefighters are static. The trees are static. The sky is static. The world feels very sterile and there is nothing on the ground other than basic textures. Cars don’t take damage. Hitting cars or property does not affect your scores. Hitting a pedestrian awkwardly resets your truck. Other firefighters are nearly useless for fighting fires. 

The game is fun for a couple missions but the vanity wears off pretty quick. The driving just seems like a time waster. There is nothing simulated about it. There is no prepping your truck, replacing used items. It’s a simulator on the most basic of principles. Some simulator games offer a lot of depth and interaction with the game they seek to simulate but beyond water to fire, this is firefighting the arcade game. 

I enjoyed the game for a brief few moments and sadly am disappointed that this game was not better. Might be fun with some friends to goof around with, solo it’s not worth it and even on sale I don’t think it’s worth it, still too expensive. Unreal engine made it look decent but the little things like lack of proper looking animations or textures really make this game a garbage fire.

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