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Case Files: The Death of Paulette Williams Steam Key Giveaway

Case Files: The Death of Paulette Williams is a real-time, police interrogation and detective simulator, where you control the course of the investigation, developed and published by Think Ten Media Group. They were kind enough to provide us with 5 Steam keys to giveaway!

Paulette Williams, age 62, has been killed. There are only two possible suspects. In this real-time, police interrogation simulator, you take on the role of the lead detective in the observation room. You must guide your partner to uncover the truth. Through the use of real-time suspect interviews, video playback, case files, and your own wits, you must make critical decisions that will shape the course of this investigation. Put your detective skills to work, as you attempt to seek justice and bring this case to a close.

SteamGamer’s Case Files: The Death of Paulette Williams giveaway

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