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Capcom are holding a Resident Evil showcase this week


It’s officially the spooky season now, so that makes it a highly appropriate juncture for some survival horror. Good job that Capcom have announced they’re streaming a Resident Evil showcase this Thursday, October 20th, then. They’ve even roped in Resident Evil Village’s Merchant to narrate the trailer for it. Watch below for a quick look at what’s coming up in the showcase stream.

Capcom say they’ll be showing more from Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, which should include snippets from the Shadows Of Rose and The Mercenaries: Additional Orders DLC. That’s the one where you can play as a slightly smaller version of Lady Dimitrescu, the ever-magnetic Heisenberg, and rock-puncher extraordinaire Chris Redfield. We’ll also get a closer look at the Resident Evil 4 Remake, due out in March. Capcom insist there’s more too, so I’m still holding out for the original trilogy of Resi games and Code Veronica on PC. Please?

Resident Evil Village’s The Winters Expansion hits Steam on October 28th for $20. The Resident Evil showcase kicks off on October 20th at 11pm BST/3pm PDT and October 21st at 12am CEST. You can tune in at Capcom Europe’s YouTube, the Resident Evil Twitch channel, or the Resi showcase website here.

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