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After Wolf Among Us 2 no-shows at The Game Awards, the devs promise more info soon

Telltale Games – that is, the new Telltale Games, a new studio that’s picked up the assets of the old – announced a new game based on The Expanse last night at The Game Awards. This comes two years after the studio announced The Wolf Among Us 2 at the 2019 edition of the show, and fans have been disappointed with the lack of updates.

“Back in December of 2019, we revealed TWAU2 going into pre-production,” the devs explain in a message to fans. “The team is hard at work, but you may have noticed we did not have anything new to say about it for The Game Awards.” They tease an appearance in the next issue of Game Informer, which will have a feature on the new Telltale.

“We promise to have something else you can really sink your teeth into early next year!” Teeth, wolf… You can probably do the math on that teaser, but it sounds like we’ll be seeing more from Wolf Among Us 2 in the early bits of 2022.

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