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Skull & Bones footage leaked, but it sounds like an official re-reveal isn't far off


Pirate ’em up Skull & Bones has been delayed and delayed, and is currently expected to reach port sometime this year or next. It’s been a while since we last saw it in action, but four minutes of footage leaked earlier today, showing a walkthrough of the game designed to prime journalists or testers before they play the game.

The seemingly old footage has already been taken down, but the official Skull & Bones Twitter account has tweeted a hint that it won’t be long before we see something more official.

The four minute video surfaced via Reddit earlier today. While it’s not clear exactly when the footage is from, PC Gamer’s Chris Livingston says that it looks similar to what he remembers playing in 2018. The game has probably changed a lot since.

You can’t watch the footage anymore (unless you Google and find a mirror of the video, you rascal), but it explained how some of Skull & Bones’ unique features worked, including the NPC crews who help run your pirate ship. If you didn’t keep them happy, those scurvy lads would mutiny against you.

Skull & Bones’ development has been severely troubled, with a Kotaku report alleging that an unclear vision of the game and management issues were responsible for all the delays.

Keep your eyes on the horizon… 🏝️

— Skull & Bones (@skullnbonesgame) April 29, 2022

Perhaps it’s shipshape now, however. As noted, the Skull & Bones Twitter account tweeted a short message today saying to “Keep your eyes on the horizon,” with a short video ending in a message to “stay tuned.” A re-reveal of Skull & Bones during not-E3 this June, then? That would be an easy guess to make.

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