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Murder by Moonlight 2 – Crimson Night Review

Match three games have always appealed to me, and although they favor mobile release these days its always nice to see a new one on Steam. Murder by Moonlight 2 – Crimson Night includes a hidden object minigame, and this hybrid mix reminds me of the classic 4 Elements. I was excited to see how it compared.

There is a story, and while you can skim through it made my playtime much more enjoyable and immersed me in the mystery. The first in the series revolved around a werewolf, and and this one centers around a vampire. Thematically I think they missed their mark, because I definitely don’t get vibes of the nosferatu while playing outside the story. The levels feels like a match 3 game with a Halloween skin over it.

The gameplay itself feels somewhat underwhelming. Match 3 games have progressively gotten better at rewarding you with matches and outstanding moves. While there are a few times (namely using rare items) that did give me that dopamine rush it felt stale overall. When you make a match a small ding plays. If you match four or more tiles a slightly louder ding rings. After a match, the tiles fall and bounce around on the screen for a while which was honestly a little annoying. The levels are split into sections, and the tiles don’t always fall down to the lower section which feels a bit claustrophobic in that you can get stuck in several areas and be left with only a small space to make matches.

These issues presented themselves early on and made me quickly realize that this won’t be a game I’ll likely come back to. Match three games all have their own feel, and this one didn’t feel good enough to warrant any casual untimed playthroughs. Everything here struck me as average except the music which i quite enjoyed.

If you’re looking for another casual game, get this on sale. Its by no means bad, but it won’t be taking a top slot in my favorites list.

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