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More Skate playtest footage has ollied its way online


The latest playtest build of the next in EA’s Skate series appears to have leaked, continuing the pattern that seems to have been established for the game over the past few months. Footage from the build was shared by Reddit user Parzalai, who said they had been banned from their EA account for leaking a previous build. Modders have been running their own multiplayer servers based on leaked builds of skate. for months, so it’s not surprising to see further leaks spring up from the game’s playtests.

Parzalai said that this leaked build of skate. “has not changed much, with some bug fixes, smoother riding and more arcadey grinds”. Around two and a half minutes of skating has been captured from the build. It also shows some of the game’s menus, including a decent look at the map, character customisation, and store options such as crafting, ready-to-use items, blueprints and swag bags. There’s also quite a lot of forward rolls without a board, for some reason. You can take a look at footage from the leaked build here.

Developers Full Circle shared more information about the upcoming skateboarding sim back in July, following a series of leaks surrounding the game. The newly christened skate. will be free-to-play and feature microtransactions, but Full Circle downplayed their inclusion by comparing the game’s approach to what they see as microtransaction success stories, such as Apex Legends. Full Circle said they’re following four main rules: no pay to win, no map areas locked behind paywalls, no paid loot boxes, and no paid gameplay advantages.

skate. is still in pre-alpha so don’t expect to see a release date anytime soon. You can join the official playtests by becoming a skate. insider though, which you can sign up for here.

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