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Hole in the Clouds Review

Hole in the Clouds is a precision puzzle platforming minigolf game that has the combination of both a relaxing and stressful game depending on the game modes you choose.

Unlike a typical minigolf game where you have to sink the ball into the hole, in Hole in the Clouds you are required to pop all the clouds in the level before you can put the ball into the hole in order to progress. 

Skill Shot

The game plays on a 2D plane like a standard 2D platformer, with the added goal of popping the clouds while “juggling” or “swinging” your ball to ensure it doesn’t fall off the level. You hit the ball off the environments throughout the level and bounce off them in order to dictate the direction where you ball will go which requires precision and plays like a puzzler as you figure out what to hit, the angle to hit and the power of those hits.

Power or Precision

To hit and aim the ball is similar to games such as Angry Birds, where you have to hold down the action and aim the trajectory you want, except that the strength of your shot is determined by a bar that goes up and down until you let go at the moment of your chosen strength.

More Courses

There are 5 Worlds with each consisting of 18 holes. Each World has their own theme which differentiates the environment and the items in them. Every World will have its own “Special” that will help assist you in finishing the level. Certain levels have items in them that can help (items such as branches, portals etc) or hinder (cannonballs, lollipops etc.) your progress.

Absolutely Meant It

The levels in Hole in the Clouds are so well made and clever that when you solve or land a shot, it’ll make you feel like a genius, even if it’s unintended. Nothing is too complicated to solve and figure out that it’s just at the right spot of difficulty, furthermore levels are generous and typically have a maximum of less than 7 shots requirement in order to unlock the next level.

Relaxing Competition

Even with 90 levels, the game’s replayability is further enhanced by the tournament mode, which is where the “stressful” bit comes in as you can’t restart/redo a level. Tournament would be the meat of the game time as it challenges you to play a perfect game after you’ve practiced the levels in the main game mode. Another thing to mention is that there’s local co-op where you can challenge others in tournament mode.

Some quirks

The only bit of bugs encountered are UI elements that wouldn’t go away when you hit the “Enter” button in level selection rather than clicking on the golf ball. Another minor thing to note is after hitting the golf ball and it lands on a flat surface, it will continue to move ever so slightly which can help one do a stroke less when done in the right manner.

Final Thoughts

Hole in the Clouds is an excellent game for minigolf and even puzzle game fans that is both accessible and challenging. Another good entry to take note of the slowly growing minigolf genre. The artstyle is pleasing to the eye and plays without little to no hitch.

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