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Die by the Blade Review – A Unique Blend with Room for Improvement

Creating a fighting game is no small feat, and “Die by the Blade” is a testament to the challenge. It attempts to evoke the nostalgia of classics like “Bushido Blade” while introducing its own unique blend of samurai aesthetics and cyberpunk flair. However, while it has its moments of brilliance, it falls short in several areas that hold it back from being a standout title.

Aesthetics and Atmosphere

One of the strongest aspects of “Die by the Blade” is its visual presentation. The game combines a traditional samurai aesthetic with a futuristic cyberpunk twist, creating a visually appealing and distinct atmosphere. The stages are particularly noteworthy, ranging from pristine offices and dojo arenas to grimy streets and rundown shrines. These settings not only provide a variety of backdrops for combat but also enhance the overall vibe of the game, making each fight feel unique and immersive.

Gameplay Mechanics

At the core of “Die by the Blade” is its one-strike-kill combat system, which adds a layer of intensity and strategy to each encounter. The gameplay revolves around baiting out attacks from opponents, reading their moves, and striking at the opportune moment. This creates a thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere, especially in player-versus-player (PvP) matches. The joy of perfectly timing a roll to dodge an attack and landing a decisive blow is immensely satisfying.

However, the game suffers from a lack of depth in its single-player content. With only practice, versus, and challenges modes available, players looking for a rich single-player experience will be left wanting. The enemy AI also needs significant improvement, as even at the highest difficulty, opponents can be easily defeated with repetitive roll attacks.

Multiplayer Experience

The multiplayer aspect of “Die by the Blade” shows promise. The PvP combat is engaging, with stance switching and feinting adding layers of strategy. The ranking leaderboard for ranked PvP matches provides a competitive edge, and the netcode performs admirably, offering smooth and lag-free online matches. However, the game’s reliance on online PvP modes could be its downfall, as it struggles to maintain a consistent player base, making it difficult to find matches at times.

Technical Issues

Unfortunately, “Die by the Blade” is plagued by technical issues that hinder the overall experience. Frame rate drops, occasional crashes, and a problematic camera system can disrupt gameplay and diminish enjoyment. The camera, in particular, can be a significant annoyance, sometimes obscuring the view of your character or the opponent, leading to frustrating moments during combat. Additionally, the reward system feels unbalanced, offering the same rewards regardless of the difficulty or length of the match.


“Die by the Blade” has the foundation of a compelling fighting game, with its unique aesthetic, intense combat system, and engaging PvP matches. However, it is marred by technical problems, limited single-player content, and subpar enemy AI. For those who approach it with tempered expectations and enjoy a bit of casual, meme-worthy fun, it can offer a good time. But for players seeking a polished, AAA-quality fighting game, it may be best to wait for further updates and improvements.

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