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Cupid Kiss Review

Cupid Kiss is an adorable little masterpiece that turns you into the ultimate wingman (or wingwoman), through the nifty use of puzzle solving!

This short and simple game involves sliding puzzles, where you move tiles around to unite lovers back together, so they can give each other a long awaited smooch on the lips.

The sound is well suited for the relaxing mood that the game naturally creates, the graphics aren’t a concern, everything is clean, from the UI to the character designs. It is also friendly to players of all skill levels,

One of my favourite levels has got to be hands down, stage 20. This one was absolutely mind-boggling. I probably restarted close to a dozen times before I finally figured it out (through chance or skill? I do not know!). The more imps there were on the board, the trickier the level was, I realised that I was spending too much time trying to move the lovers and I neglected to move the imps to a more favourable position, that’s when I created the motto “Faraway imps are good imps”. Though the level itself was lengthy for me to complete, every ounce of energy in me was rattling and urging me to complete the level, and I say with confidence that there is no better feeling than overcoming fun challenges like this.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done sliding puzzles but I had an absolute blast, some levels are tricky but satisfyingly so. The more you play and unlock new stages, the more mechanics that are involved, such as cheeky imps that restart the level if one of the lovers reach an adjacent tile to the imp. Or locked tiles that can only be unlocked through having a lover reach it. Or locked doors that require a key to reach it to unlock it and allow you to complete the level.

I would honestly recommend Cupid Kiss to anybody and absolutely everybody, whether you’re into puzzles or not, it’s still very enjoyable and satisfying, not to mention relaxing, the perfect game to wind down with!

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