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Crytek will never “replace” Hunt Showdown with Hunt 2 the way Overwatch 2 did Overwatch 1


Crytek has announced that they have no intention of developing a sequel to the intense monster-hunting FPS, Hunt: Showdown. This decision seems to steer them clear of the promotional challenges that Activision-Blizzard with Overwatch 2 and Valve with Counter-Strike 2 are currently encountering. These companies have been criticized for presenting their new releases as advanced sequels, but in reality, they resemble more of a service-game content update, resulting in the discontinuation of the original Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games to prevent playerbase division.

In an interview discussing Hunt’s progression since its 2019 early access release, the game’s general manager, David Fifield, mentioned that while Crytek might consider another Hunt game in the future, it wouldn’t be a direct continuation of Showdown. Moreover, any new release won’t compromise players’ access to the original game.

When asked about the possibility of a sequel and its approach, Fifield compared Crytek’s stance to that of Activision-Blizzard and Valve. “We have no plans for Hunt 2. We just plan to keep moving forward,” he stated, indicating a less aggressive approach compared to Overwatch or Destiny 2.

Fifield also shared some critical insights about Activision-Blizzard’s Overwatch 2, suggesting it made sense initially with its significant PvE component. However, without this component, it appeared more as a revamped version of Overwatch 1 rather than a completely new game.

Crytek intends to evolve Hunt in a manner similar to Epic’s development of Fortnite. Fifield referenced Fortnite’s second chapter as an example, where significant changes were made but the game continued under the same title. He suggested that any future updates for Hunt: Showdown would follow a similar trend.

However, Fifield didn’t rule out the possibility of new games within the Hunt universe. He emphasized that any new games would be extensions rather than replacements for Hunt: Showdown.

A major challenge for Crytek is dealing with ageing technology. As service games age, technological upgrades become necessary. Recently, Crytek announced the discontinuation of Hunt: Showdown support on PS4 and Xbox One, and an increase in minimum PC specifications, as they update the game to run on the latest CryEngine. They are also working on a new map and biome to showcase the improvements.

Despite these changes, Fifield and Crytek aim to minimize the exclusion of players with older systems. He confirmed plans to continue expanding Showdown and its player base. While older console versions are being phased out, they offer a free upgrade path for registered players to transition to the next generation consoles.

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